Country ban msg, when i open site frm mobile

I receive following message, when i open this forum on my mobile phone or opera mini browser.

you are banned from this forum. The administrator or moderator that banned you left following message:

Users from this country and temp. ban from registering to this site.

I have barely made 5-6 posts in this forum. None of them was against R&R of the forum. Can i know why i am unable access the forum from my mobile, though every thing works fine when i do it on my pc.

PS:umm, I am from multan, pakistan. so, i am just unable to understand this country ban msg! :P

lookin up for response frm mods.



^ Dude If you using opera mini hacked version from russion website. It uses the port from russia which may be banned on the forum and oopera official uses from norway. The IP opera mini using is baned. :D

If you were banned by the mods, you wouldn't be able to login. Try different browsers. I'll also check if any ip's have been blocked.

Shouldn't happen now.

Thanks asad. That was ultra quick response! I wish the same kind of from ptcl dsl team over here. But sum wishes remain wishes.

B\w, satan, u guessed it rite. I use opera mini cracked version(not sure if its rusian). Should i change it or it doesnt matters now!

^ well I have a very long experiance with opera mini versions :D

If problem is solved the stick with it or download the latest english version from the site.

Cracked version is more cooler. :D

Here is the link to the latest version. Open this link on opera or your phone browser.

[link removed]

This version has buildin file system. If you want opera to use your mobile file system then reply me back with your model number. Cheers.

Enjoy your stay on WP and you will find lots of help faster then PTCL :D