(Counter-Strike Source) Suggesstion or Information Required

Hi guys.

I am here with a request for information about Counter Strike Source.

My very younger brother has just got CSS from my laptop (I did never play it). and I dont know how the hell that game was came in my Lappy :rolleyes: may be some friend did it. any ways.

I also gifted him PS2 when it was arrived. and after playing that game now he just need that game to play (I call it just like addiction of drugs) but not too bad.

now I have a headache from my little bro. I baught him a 8600GT for the computer to prevent him going out to play that game.

I prepared the PC for him. and now he is not able to connect to any server I dont know why. I didn't test it any way by my self. but I am sure he is not lying.

And I thought there might be a known issue with that

so I am here

using the Wateen 512kbps

thank you

hmmm NO ONE....... :rolleyes:

If he's trying to connect to wateen server, than he should try other servers coz wateen closed there servers

I myself was unable to connect to wateen

Try LinkDot Net Servers

* Server 1 - cs16.link.net.pk:27015

* Server 2 - cs16.link.net.pk:27016

* Match Server - cs16.link.net.pk:27017

thanks. I will try that