Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers List [PAKISTAN]


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Brainnet Gaming Deathmatch Server

Brainnet Gaming Soccer Server

Brainnet Gaming Zombie Server

Brainnet Gaming Normal Server

Brainnet Gaming SuperHero Server


thanks, appreciate the help.


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Salam everyone

i want to play CS on wateen servers…please guide me which CS version and which exact sxe injected software is needed to play online

em really annoyed of the errors i get when try to connect to the server…it says sxe injected required…again n again instead installed many times…please help me :( i want to play na


Now a days everyone is using Counter-Strike 1.6 u can find it anywhere ; on torrents; ftps & lot other cs sites !

SXE-INJECTED 7.1 is the latest version but u must install that which the server requires …


what are the good free servers where CS can be played. and their are like 10 different versions of CS on torrents. size from 400MB to 2GB. how do we know what to download.


i use this one


and about sxe injected i have uploaded sxe injected 7.1 latest. See next post. Install sxe anywhere open it don't click on X just minimize it. You will see sxe icon in the taskbar. Disable antivirus because the antivirus i am using doesn't let it start. And play in sxe servers. Hope This Works :D


Download Sxe Injected 7.1 here :


LDN servers are coming soon get ready and fasten your belts :)

games includes

cs 1.6



and might be



..and if you dont want to wait for rapidshare or having some trouble then head to the following links, direct HTTP download:-

sXe Injected 7.1 Direct HTTP Links:-

Visit For sXe INjected 7.1 Direct Link


Woot good to know LDN is comin' back =D

Btw which MOHAA are we talking about here.....


Download Sxe Injected 7.2 direct here :


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Woot good to know LDN is comin’ back =D

Btw which MOHAA are we talking about here…


Allied assault :)


Oh yeah forgot the AA meant that =p

Do post it up when its up and running wheeeee =D


Ok i got MOHAA yesterday =D


Ohh so looks like DJNOMI is late xD..Searched the web a bit and wala here u go!.LDN MOHAA Server IP


*SERVICE DISABLED- The Servers STATICS are disabled for a short while & will be ACTIVATED soon ! ... |XTCS|-3V0LUT|0N


My CS is not adding/showing any of the mentioned servers in this thread.(except Wateens SandboxServer 4 and 5) :(

Using PTCL 512k....What could be the cause?


^some CS versions have these problems! try some other version (digital zone recommended)


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^some CS versions have these problems! try some other version (digital zone recommended)

Thnx! Downloading “CS16_full-V28_DiGiTALZONE.exe” :)


or may try XTCS one if u want ... :)


Installed Digital Zone version. Surprised to see change in CT,T, guns models.'s fun to play this version :D

n it is adding most of the servers. Thanks!


Glad you fixed the problem :) and the other stuff is bonus ;)