Core i7 has arrived in Pakistan

Just received an e-mail from Pakistan Office Products (POP). They have imported their first batch of Intel Core i7 processors and motherboards.

Price of Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHZ Processor is Rs.24,500/- while the Motherboard available is Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO for Rs.21,500/-. They also have Kingston DDR3 RAM 1GB PC1333 modules to go with it for Rs.4,700/- each.

POP has presence in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. They allow dealing with retail customers directly in Peshawar only. In other cities you can ask Intel Reseller to get the processor and motherboard for you OR you can wait till Galaxy Computers gets some too.

You can contact POP @ 111-767-767 in the cities I mentioned above.


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what is so special about this core i7

I realize there are enthusiasts (with deep pockets) who like to get their hands on the latest and greatest in computing technology. However, just a piece of advice, if you're looking to upgrade or even making a new system, go for hardware which is between 1- 1.5 yrs old. It'll give you the best performance for a very reasonable price.

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But that won't be cutting edge technology :)

The corei7 use a new CPU architecture. They give about 5-10% more performance for the same clock speed as core2 quads. And yes they have 4 cores.

You can get better corsair ram for the same price from E-shop Peshawer honestly.

Scrinner; you mean DDR3 RAM?

@wampyr: My point was, that 'cutting-edge' doesn't necessarily result in significantly improved performance. And prices are in no way linear to performance. If you compare the latest processors to ones of the same line which are about 1-1.5 yrs old, you'll see that the new ones cost about 2-3 times more, and they wouldn't give you more than say 20-30% boost in performance. Not to mention performance is also heavily dependent on your supporting hardware like Video Card, RAM, Motherboard etc.

Just trying to bringing some sanity to the Core i7 frenzy, in case people are tempted to go buy themselves one at once in a fit of excitement! :)

^true.......buying latest arrivals is a waste of shud w8 for atleast 6 months

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^true…buying latest arrivals is a waste of money…one shud w8 for atleast 6 months

ughh… man i got an old 2.4ghz ht processor and an agp card nvidia 6200 256mb… i have deep enough pockets but i never went for the latest stuff as i spend more on mobiles and gadgets like ipods and iphones… but this setup gives me problems playing hd movies so i gotta buy something good now… and besides that i only play cs 1.6 which plays fine on this setup

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@wampyr: My point was, that ‘cutting-edge’ doesn’t necessarily result in significantly improved performance. And prices are in no way linear to performance…

sah explained well in some technical comparison.

so I wont go through it again. but I’d like to put my view in it just keeping it away from the technical comparison. but focusing on the real fantasy world.

most of the users buy new things just for fantasy right on the time when they release. this has just been a trend now.

people think they are getting updated with the time. yes so I think as well that they are.

but I also think that they loose more just to be updated.

I will also say that one can really wait for some time atleast for some months if dont wanna wait for 1 or 2 years.

and about the topic. I’ll say it is really good that these tech things are now getting faster to enter pakistani market just with the world release. with some other benefits there is also one as it drops the prices of old versions sooner

Core i7 right now is way too expensive. I won't get it. It's for those with real fat pockets :P .

Yes, DDR3 ram. Corsair XMS3 FSB 1333.

@ sah

I'll put it in this way, imagine someone of us has enough money to buy and maintain McLaren (I am fan of it) or Ferrari (if you are fan of it). Now whether that person will buy a brand new McLaren/Ferrari or 20 year old used McLaren/Ferrari? (In computer time, 1.5 years or 2 years is somewhat equal to 10 or 15 years in cars).

If he/she waits for 10 or 15 (maybe 20) years then he/she can save money by buying used top model sports car. After all brand new sports car may only exceed in performance of 2% to 5% (even far less).

Whereas, this cutting edge technology in computers give performance of ~10% to ~15% (huge if you compare it with cars). Why? Because cars technology is mature? I don't think so. But because cars technology get progress very slow as compare to computers.

If someone has money then will he/she buy original Gucci, Armani, or Prada, or he/she will go for bootleg of same item? It's matter of personal choice and of course MONEY!

Money is the key. Otherwise, all these computer companies releasing new product will go bankrupt if nobody buys their new product for 1.5 years.

^in very simple words......this is called craze abt fashion.......:lol:

well som funny thing abt me........i can affoard corolla GLI...but i m using mehran 89 model hahha :lol:

Boost in performance of 15-20% really enhances the output of professionals, especially those working on CAD

Don't just always think of playing games or watching HD movies

I think i agree with sah!

wampyr comparing computers and cars isn't a proper thing to do because the car's design also changes every year and most people buy because of the design not performance

@wampyr: I know that if a person has money, he/she wouldn't care. Point was to educate the newbie and encourage him to look at older processors as well. New doesn't necessarily mean better if your computing needs a relatively basic.

As for cars. Well if someone wants to buy a Ferrari Enzo which can go upto 350 Km/h and then drive it on streets with a 60 Km/h speed limit, then you can't really say that the car was bought for performance purposes! :)

The way I see it, people usually focus more on the performance when it comes to computers. Theres less of a 'wow' factor if you say I own a Core i7 two weeks after it came out. If you're talking to anyone who has even a reasonable knowledge of computer hardware marketing tactics, that person will call you an idiot to your face. Sure you could brag, but it can't be compared to a supercar!

@ sah

Let me clear one thing that I also go for hardware that is around 2 year so that I can afford it and get stable drivers.

But my point is if rich people (elites) don't buy brand new cutting edge things, like new fashion Armani suite, Gucci bag, or a new Corolla/Honda (car as in Pakistan) then they are called stupid by follow rich people.

If people call someone stupid on face because he buys latest Core i7 then they are also going to say stupid for buying latest car and fashion with a reason "wait for 6 months or a year for prices to get down".

If rich people will not buy latest trends and products then the initial cost of product is never covered and corporates maybe unable to lower the prices and may even go into bankruptcy.

By the way, when someone buys latest car, he is also gambling because he don't know what will be outcome. Maybe that design is not that good, maybe not that efficient, maybe it has a flaw that will create lots of problems and nightmare. But still rich people buy new cars as they are out, even paying lot of extra money to just get hands on new car or wearable fashion.

That's the difference between us (the ordinary people) and rich elite. They have to have latest and exclusive things.

Therefore, if someone is rich enough and can afford latest products then buy it so that prices will get down with time so that we can afford it too (some day).

[bTW, this is not a rant. You gave your point. I gave mine, but with some stupid logics to proof it]