Core barring in PTCL?


Is there any code barring in PTCL to stop all outgoing calls including local? and what is the procedure to stop NWD calls, the code I am using does not block NWD calls but just cell phones.

Also what is the procedure to change the code?



The procedure to change the code is


And I dont think that there is any code to stop all calls including local.


I think joker that code in the past used to block every number starting with 0 Digit that includes mobile international and nationwide numbers but PTCL modified it to allow nationwide calls when they introduced pakistan packages



Mr. Saad Ibrahim is absolutly right after activation of Green Packge in which PTCL Land line to Land line calls are free they have modified code baring facility, when you bar your code in catagory "4" you are blocking your all out of city dialing either on NWD land line or NWD Mobile.

It is possiable to block the local calls through code barring facility but PTCL have ommitted local calls barrring facility coz it reduces the local call revenuve and most of the subscribers are not needy for this facility.

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