Consumers may get to know SIMs issued in their name

Dr Yaseen (Chairman PTA) said the PTA would switch on to a new service in September which would enable a mobile user to know all SIM connections details issued against his name by just sending his CNIC to 668. This would help in detecting real identification of a SIM user. This new service is part of PTA efforts to block all illegal SIMs and clean the data of the mobile phone users, he added.

Now no need to go to franchise. Lets see how much this sms costs and how much information it delivers.

I remember a NADRA official telling on PTV to send ID card no. to 7000 and get details of that card holder but that service is not working as far as when I tested.

how many maximum sims under one id can be ??????? is there any restriction ?

I think they put a limit of 10, but I'm not sure.

Yes on one network only 10 sims are allowed.

^but on the zong portal there is a restriction of 5 sims on one id

When I moved from telenor to zong, I asked the franchise girl that how many sims at maximum I could purchase and she answered only 10.

You may get surprised. Someone I know in Karachi found himself being visited by Police AVC Branch as the lead they had on an investigation was a mobile number issued on his CNIC. On further checks, he found out about another SIM issued on his CNIC in Lahore!

If such a service becomes available, it would be a blessing.

I think this is a very importtant service and it should not be further delayed to be lauched. i have personally a couple of scenes of issuance of illegal issuance of sims.

PTA lauch it early... soon....