Consumer courts in Pakistan

Consumer courts are doing good in Pakistan. However, its still not a common knowledge. Does anyone have a first hand account to share? No fairy tales or attention whoring please.

And lets ask some TV shows to cover consumer courts. We need awareness about consumer rights. I was infuriated to learn today that at many popular stores, imported soaps are expired units. Soap is a chemical and it does have a short life span.

I have a skin rash since ages. I have every reason to believe that it was caused by an expired soap imported by a &*&*%^ Pakistani. But still, i am not 100% sure.

Yep several times, I have admitted plaint against a bakery owner over here just because he was selling few items which were expired,believe me if the JUDGE is a honest man then he can bang these mofo's like anything.. Your consumer court is your District and Session's court.You don't need a lawyer for that,you can log it yourself ,just write the plaint and present it before the Judge's reader,he will give you the next date for it and the court will summon the party which you have listed in the plaint.But do mention the party who's involved in the scene.

imported food stuff: these are 100% grey market products meaning food manufacturers never intended these products to be sold in pakistan. but they are imported by small time super market owners in dubai singapore malaysia etc when food and other cosumable supermarket items got 5 to six months left on expiry then these supermarkets in those countris put up these items for sale like buy 1 get 2 free etc these pakis rgen buy that stuff in bulk from there and send it to major cities of pakistan where they are sold 99% of times there is some pa-ki who is already living there does the shoping and ship the container full to his counterpart pa-ki business partner in pakistan. and this is how this stuff is sold, specailly the frozen food items there is no way of knowing how many times these frozen stuff would have been frozen and thawed or even kept frozen at all during transit from other country to pk.

Is there a primer on the Pakistani legal system? I think most Pakistanis understand foreign legal systems better than their own! Can the consumer court go after big fish like power utilities and cable TV providers?