Connecting USB DSL Modem, to linksys wrt54g series

is it possible to connect to a usb dsl modem with linksys wrt54g series broadband routers ?

See NAT, DHCP, wireless LAN, cable modem, DSL , broadband and router. ... It is

not possible to connect dial up access number while adsl router is on? ... If

you have mobile broadband 3 and if you use a wireless router USB key will it

work ... Linksys WRT54G series · multiservice edge router · Voice call

continuity ...


im just askin can i connect a USB DSL Modem like Sagem Fast 800 or Speedtouch USB DSL modem(the one we get by MBL), which only have one USB port to Linksys WRT54G2, which has a ethernet port for internet

Not without some kind of interfacing between them.

An old PC laying around in your cupboard or storeroom will work.

ohk got it

USB to RJ45 converter and 1 feet of network cable will do the trick too.

A USB to RJ45 convertor is not for this purpose and it wont work at all