Connecting two routers

Im having a issue here, i have ptcl smart tv connection, but using my aztech wireless router, the smart tv doesnt work properly and I get PPPoE dialing errors, on multiple restarts of STB the error is resolved

now what i want is that i want to use both the routers, as the huawei router is not wireless, and the aztech router is wireless

Now can anyone guide me how to do that, or just give a general idea, like what connections to make

ok i found out how to connect two routers, simply in aztech routers lan configuration we need to turn off its DHCP server, and its gateway, by ticking unmanaged, so it just acts as a switch

now i gotta do port forwarding sum how

Add the seconday router's IP as DMZ on the gateway router and configure the port forwarding on the gateway router.

Port forwarding with 2 routers.. That is a pain in the ass... I've done it and its complicated.

Hit the forums.. They helped me with it.

^ It's easy...

^ agreed with Asad

and as Asad stated just add ur second routers address as DMZ in the Huawei router and then when u need to forward a port forward it in ur second router

hmmm, so now i get whats that DMZ for, well what i did is that simply forwarded ports at the huawei router through the virtual server thing, and I checked torrents and Garena and port forwarding was working fine

that DMZ thing wud be more useful i guess if I dont hve access to the huawei router....

anyways 10x dewdx...problem solved :)