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are there services better than ptcl please explain i wanna switch to connect from ptcl..please provide me complete details about their connection...



Yes far better ...but during load shedding it doesnt work... but ptcl works on generator too:)



alright i need to inquire about upload speeds of connect's 4mb and above connections. if someones using them


connect throttle torrent speeds???

please reply. thanx.


this forum is dead???


I can't really answer to your previous post as I don't have connect com service in my city cause such ISP exist in my city, not even in my Provence for that matter. Perhaps that's the case with majority of the active members here so it may not has anything to do with this forum being dead. You're just gonna have to wait for your answer.

But you can try and find out yourself but asking Connect com customer service directly. If you think you can't trust if the answer is 'no' from connect CS then you test it yourself by opting a connect com service for a month.

I am sure I and plenty of other members here can tell you the ways to check if you're being throttled or not ....that is, if you don't already know how to :)


I just got the 10mb package of connect, to the person asking about the upload speed, I don't know about 4mb but in 10 I get around 2-2.5.


[quote=“zubair56, post:2004, topic:336”]

connect throttle torrent speeds???

please reply. thanx.


yes they do..


ive just got the 2MB connect package.. YELLOW!!

and ive noticed that i dont get more than 90 - 95kb on torrents.. (tried adding upto 8 torrents and still it goes to a max of 90kb).

anyone else facing the same issue? or is this some gimmic of connection communications to limit the download speed!


They are putting up wires in our area. I also need some answers before switching from my PTCL's 2MB.

1. Download/Upload speed ratio? Is it same as PTCL's i.e. ¼th of download?

2. Torrent throttling or blocking?

3. Any specific port blocking?

4. Website filtering/blocking?

Pro/Cons over PTCL.


can we use someone else's username and pass ??


So my dealer is asking for 6k (10 mb package) , 3k for package and the rest 3k for some activation and wire , Is he ripping me off?


connect is only as good as your dealer
if your dealer is a lazy ass well then you willl face problems probably >
hell i cant even get my dealer to install the service on in my gali because he is covering the other part of my area and not my part
did talk to connect Customer care they said to 'convince' the dealer to come haha :P


yaaaar....kisi ne connect blue ... linux pe use kiya??????? agar kiya hai to please contact


Any connect user available here?


Connect service is fantastic !


Not really.
It depends on your local cable wala if he is providing you good service then definitely connect is fantastic but if he doesn’t provide you good service then connect is $#! T

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There is something issue in connect packages .. when i test my speed from speedtest in karachi or Pakistan based servers it shows me exact speed what i have like 1mb but when i test my speed to another server like in Europe or US based it shows me 0.3 to 0.4mb speed .. what is that? is connect giving us exactly 0.3mb package ?