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Hello agent x i have tplink TL-WR740N router , i am trying to configure it can you please help me out and give me config steps .

your elrier reply is highly appreciated


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Hello agent x i have tplink TL-WR740N router , i am trying to configure as per your earlier config and set the MTU size to 1000. After that i am able to get stable connection but unable to browse any web address even connect web site it self. I have connect blue package.


Well its works with me for MTU set on 1420 (default) try decreasing MTU size… I m not exactly sure for optimum MTU size connect uses. One of my friend faced the send problem ,his wan is working on 1000 MTU size


can someone who uses connect red package post his pingtest image here?? test at


i want to use wifi on connect communications for use on my Tablet and mobiles. it i have tenda w316r router . is it possible? reply soon


contact ur area support.....



I was using Tp-link 740N on Connect communication blue , but it stopped working. can any one tell me the current corrected settings... Thanks


hi guys ...

i am using connect red package... i need to configure linksys router model: wrt160n v3. so that i may connect multiple devices, without plugging the LAN cable into any pc. can anyone help me out with the router settings ???

anyone using this router with this.??

w8ing for reply.........


Is there a Connect DC++ Server?


Today when I connect my red account it got suprised.




Yes I am getting 1.5 Mbps on red in Peak Hours and Will try it in Happy Hours.

Any one alive on Connect Communications.


They have increased 2 packages 786 and 1mb 786 to 1mb and 1mb to 1.5mb with no additional charges .. soon 512 package will also increased ..


Is anyone using any voip services with connect , Are u having problem in using it these days??


Network setting

Wan Setting

Wan connection Type PPTP/Russia PPTP




Dynamic IP

Server Name i.e.



WAN Connection Mode Connect Automatically


& then reeboot


Bro u have 1.5mbps "Red package" ....i want to ask u that how much u r paying for 1.5mbps???


What are the monthy line rent/fees of connect "Orange 1mbps" and "Red 1.5mbps" ??? area: model colony besides khi airport



In Malir cantt beside Model Colony its 1100 for Red Package




I can't seem to get any traffic through the wifi router. I am using TPLink WR740N router, on PPTP setting, the connection status is ok, I can do nslookup, but I can't seem to browse any websites besides google. I see the browser status and every page is stuck on waiting for in both Firefox and Chrome, and timing out. Sometimes pings go through, but even that for more popular pages like yahoo. I have tested the router on a different connection and works quite well there. I have also modified the MTU, still does not work.

I can't seem to get my head around this issue.


OK, so I solved the MTU issue, but torrent throttling is just horsedoody. It seems they are throttling all traffic over UDP. which is what all trackers use. I have had some success with private tracker but even then the speeds are abysmal.


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Bro u have 1.5mbps “Red package” …i want to ask u that how much u r paying for 1.5mbps???


Bro I am paying Rs 1100 for RED and On of my freind from clifton china town paying Rs 1500 for it.

Friends I am getting 2.32 Mb or some times 4 Mb over RED do you ?



Dear Freind,

Connect upgrade Old packages and introduce 2 New Packages , Yellow 2 Mb and Purple 10 Mb.

Also they have gave out package prices this time.