Confused B/w 8600GT & 9400GT

Salam all!!!

I m lil bit confused abt both 9400gt & 8600gt 512mb card for which 2 buy....some forums threads says 8600gt is better bt some says 9400gt is better caz its 9 series.... i chked all the reviews & comments by which i concluded tht 8600gt is mch better than 9400gt for games like COD4, GTA4 etc..... Plz help me which 2 buy????????

well when something is better then go for it... i guess 9400gt is like the 8500gt of the 9 series

Go for 9400GT.

However, if you can afford then try to get 9600GT or better with 9800 GX2/GT.

go with 8600gt ddr3 coz 9400gt i think has ddr2.

both sucks...atleast go for 9600gso a budget card with better performance

actually who has submitted their reviews here dnt clears me...i m still confused =(

i only wants a 8600gt or 9400gt.....if any 1 helps me technically in between in thz 2 cards only plx,then i wil b vry thankful 2 him....

yar i m using 8600gt ddr2 512mb...its an average card...i can run all latest games like gta 4, pop, undercover, cod 5 etc

getting 20 to 40fps on 1024*768 resolution n medium graphics settings

dont knw abt 9400gt

poton12 kindly tell me tht hw mch fps u r getting in gta4????? i m getting 14.14 & my card is real crap 8500gt =(

actually Poton12 is right that u must atleast go for 9600gso available for Rs.7800. And in between the 8600gt and 9400 gt don't go for any card having ddr2 memory coz it's gonna suck big time. Last time 8600gts 512MB was available at galaxy for Rs.5500 and it's a ddr3 card much better than 8600gt and 9400gt. But againt the price difference is not much between 8600gts and 9600GSO so i would recommend you to go for 9600GSO.

But if you still persist with 8600gt or 9400gt then i would tell you to find a used 7900gs or 7900gt, it is much better at FPS thing than 8600gt.

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poton12 kindly tell me tht hw mch fps u r getting in gta4??? i m getting 14.14 & my card is real crap 8500gt =(

average 20 fps on 1024*768 resolution medium settings

poton12 if u dont mind kindly plz show me ur screenshot of gta 4 ,tht hws textures r looking in it.....

^ok here u go

i think both 8600gt and 9400gt are performence wise same almost .

but you should go for 8600gt or 8600gts bcoz we have no comment for 9400gt here

i think no one has bought 9400gt yet .so cant say it good or bad

i was researching on 9400gt and 8600gt and i found there is a big difference b/w these two cards

not spec wise but performence wise . 8600gt is at 62 rank and 9400gt has 83 rank on benchmark


check here :

after seeing this i clearly recommend 8600gt is far better then 9400gt

so go 4 8600gt

yep..thankx a lot bro.......

Actually the 9000 series cards are rebranded 8000 series cards, and have smaller die sizes (due to the shift to a smaller die production process) and hence consume less electricity than the 8000 series and this has been widely publicized in tech communities.

So a 9400 is actually a rebranded 8400 series.

I recommend you Buy the 8600.

+1 to v9s.

dude wats your budget. maybe there is a better card but as most of guys saying b/w these two 8600 is a winner.