Conflict in attaching 1435 trinitron TV with

I bought a DVD player DVP-NS708HP/B from UAE but it's not showing colors with my TV which is Sony 14 35. Else everything is good.

DVD players web page is:

I checked my TV with another DVD player, all things were OK.

I also checked this DVD player with another LG TV, it was also OK.

Now the conflict arises only with my 14 inch sony trinitron.

If anyone could help me?

I called the Malik Electronics in Rawalpindi, who has some dealership related relation with Sony, and he told me your TV is not multi color.

Well I think it's multi color, PAL, AUTO sort of things come in it.

I attach it with audio video wires. Someone told me to get a converter from market and put those audio video wires in that converter and then connect it with the pin where you connect the antenna wire.

But sony guy with which I talk on phone thinks it will also not clear my colors problem.

Your suggestion or some sort of solutions required.


No one knows? Although I have also showed it to 2 technicians but they also don't know why it happens. Guys think again if you could have any idea, share with me.

well i dont know if it will help you or not but i had a DVD player a while back and it didn't used to work on my TV (no colors. video played only in Black and White) but it used to work on my TV tuner device so i used it only at my PC for a while that is until i put my player on the Auto color mode and then it started working on my TV too. some how my TV (Phillips) wasn't able to play PAL color system so i just set my player to Auto or NTSC and it worked very well.

Have you tried using your player on any other TV which has exact same model as yours. if you have any friend who got 1435 trintron tv. try using your player on his tv and see if it works.

Well same thing was told by a tecnician in city to me. But I have tried all AUto, PAl, NtSC but hte problem is there, still black and white. do you think, if I could attach that converter to connect these audio video in that converter and trying that converter the area where we use to put antenna wire.

that is one possibility but its gonna effect your picture quality result. but are you sure that your DVD player got problems just with your TV and not any other 14 35 model trinitron TV set.

It worked with a LG TV. Actually I don't know anyone else who's having that TV.

I suspect that this is the case of Macrovision protection. Most of new VCR and DVD players have this protection on their output signals. Most of new TVs are able to automatically remove this protection and display the signal correctly.

However, if TV is old then video image is distorted.

Either you need to purchase a new TV (as LG TV worked with your DVD player) or get some device that remove this protection.

My wild guess is (I have never used it myself) that maybe "magic-box" style device (even Chinese made) in-between your DVD and TV will remove this protection. Though, I am not sure.

However, I'll recommend that you upgrade your TV. Sell this one and buy new one that works. Remember, to take your DVD player while purchasing new TV and check that DVD player works with the new TV before purchasing it.

In case you want to test "magic-box" with your current Sony TV:

DVD (output) ---> (input) Magic-Box (output) ---> (input) TV

Well although I would check the magic box but someone also told me to use a converter used for audio/video cable input to the pin where we normally attach the antenna cable.

^ So, u haven't tested the converter device yet. I strongly recommend that u give it a try. I think it will solve ur problem. I used to face a similar problem with my older TV, but after using the converter, the issue was resolved.

If you can get "converter device" then you should try that. I mentioned "magic-box" because it is also a kind of "converter device".

However, I'll recommend to purchase new TV because these "converter devices" (or magic-box) slightly decrease the quality of picture. However, it is not that much noticeable.

Dear my TV has only 0-79 channels then why not purchase a danny magic box instead of converter as very soon I am going to buy a dish for my free to air receiver.

Tell me please which danny model will be the best?

^I think receiver has built in feature which may not require TV channels. rite?