Configuring ZyXel P320W V2 Series Wireless Router

Hi Guys,

I am trying to configure Zysel P320 W V2 series wireless router. My DSL modem is also from Zyxel. i am having following issues:

1. When i connect my pc to the router (and modem is not connected to the router) - then i can't access router configuration page.

2. I reset the router using the "Reset button" on the back - i was able to access it for a for a while then if i connect the my modem to it - i can't access router web-based configuration

3. i found that Zyxel products both defaults to for the configuration - so i changed the IP address for the modem to

what is puzzling me - if pc is connected to the router and router is not connected to the modem - then why i can't access router configuration ...

is something i am missing

any help will be appreciated - i am really pulling my hair out

- Farhan

there are some guides for ptcl routers/modems here,

try to download guide for your router and follow it.

ok figured it out later - you will need to set the IP address of Modem to a separate sub-domain then that of the router

please note Zyxel P320 W defaults to - i tried to change its IP to other - but always gave me issues

so i find out - it is better to change the IP address of the modem - to something like (or any other sub domain that of the router) . Zyxel P600 Modem also has the default ip address of

so my final settings like:

Modem IP Address:

Router IP Address:

Hope it helps any one having the same issue