ConfigFree (Multiple network profile Manager)

ConfigFree™ is a Wired and wireless connectivity software suite designed to allow Toshiba notebook users easy control of communications devices and network connections.[see the download link to run on non-toshiba laptops/pcs as the software is developed by Toshiba]

ConfigFree also allows you to find communication problems and create profiles for easy switching between locations and communication networks.

Make multiple profiles like Home, Office,college as each having different IPs,gateways & DNS difficult to remember(Where DHCP is disabled) and the web proxy ips.

-Automatic switching between several LAN & wireless LAN environments.

-Automatic switching to a wireless LAN if the cable is disconnected when using both a wired and wireless LAN.

-Simple transfer and share of files in local network

- Another feature is called “Wireless Radar”, it is a graphical screen which displays nearby wireless devices and enables drag and drop connectivity.



Download Link

(All description written in the thread, how to run on non-toshibha laptops/pc)

This version is Window XP supported.

Thats the software, OMG I was looking from long time. Network Profile Manager, thank you Toshiba.

Didnt understand why Microsoft not incorporate such feature in its upcoming releases. one Click & switch to different profile.

Now its really easy to manage network profiles very easily as my work is like that half of the time at multiple clients end & rest time to office and then back to home. So need to remember each location IP schemes as mostly offices dont use DHCP.

Wow wireless Radar option looks cool. Showing access point how far away from ur system.

didnt work on win7..OS not supported

Similarly it wont work on Windows Vista.

But I found Windows Vista Version. Try to found again & for win7 too.

But I dont think more people shifted to win7, still win7 is in beta stages.