Computer Parts For sale


Some Stuff left for sale on urgent basis

AMD Athlon 3000+ 512Kb Cache 939pin processor With Stock HSF

PRICE Rs. 2100

Asus A8v Deluxe 939socket Motherboard

PRICE Rs. 2600

Intel Pentium 4 1.6Ghz 400bus with Fan

PRICE Rs. 1000

Inno3D Ichill 7900GS GDDR3 256Mb 256Bit ARCTIC COOLER 6 (550Mhz/ 1500Mhz) PCI EXPRESS

PRICE Rs. 4500

Prices are NON Negotiable although theyre competitive

Contact : 03212044768


Place : Karachi

If outside of karachi buyer will pay delivery charges

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: amd3800x2939kl8.jpg

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: asusa8vamd3000pq5.jpg

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: inno3d7900gsichill1hr0.jpg

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: inno3d7900gsichill2dd0.jpg




Brother i can offer max for the following:

AMD Athlon X2 3800+ 1MB Cache 939Pin Processor With Stock HSF

Corsair DDR1 400Mhz Memory 512 x 2

Asus A8v Deluxe 939socket Motherboard



nops... too low


i need to buy a 5 port network switch



Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 2Mb cache 533Bus 775pin with intel stock HSF

Intel D945GNT Desktop Motherboard with cables and backplate

Corsair XMS2 667Mhz 512Mb x 2 RAM

Price:Rs. 9000 Final




No QUADS bro :D


yaar if u can find a S939 X2 AMD CPU please tell me


no images at imageshack