Command And Conquer series

red alert , red alert2 , red alert3

write what you know about these games!!

and which version you like.

you can play these online!!

You People can also Join me and other players on HAMACHI

to play online

what do you think about RA2 and RA3 and what are the speed requirements to play online.

well i think RA2 is best as it need less bandwidth... but if some body wants to play online in same country then no tension DIAL UP is also OK 56kbps is the choice and HAMACHI virtual lan is the software ... but the thing u r lucky to get good ping with your opponent ... after all game is rocking..!!

RA3 better to play on ADSL!!

i have PTCL v fone connecting at 230kbps and playing RA2 ..

RA was the first RTS I ever played. It was and it still is the greatst RTS game ever made.

It was a trendsetter. I hav played lots of RTS games, all of them r in some way influenced by this gr8 game.

on which servers you guys play RA series.

red alert 1 is the 2nd best RTS IMO, first on my list is Starcraft...

Red Alert 1 &2 were great!

Red Alert 3 is just childish... :(

RA3 is a big disappointment for me.....RA 2 still rocks

I played C&C red alert 1, 2

Tiberian Wars 1,2,3 and

C&C Genaral And General: Zero Hour,

but I never enjoyed a strategy game like General: Zero Hour, it is an adon of C&C Genaral. So i will strongly recommand to play that game u will definetly like it. I play its single player compaign but never play online because of slow net connection.

Ive played RA 1,2,3

I've played atleast 2 tiberian wars though I think i've played the 3rd one as well, I've played Generals: Zero Hour. I'd say RA2(Yuri's Revenge) and Generals are the best. But I only stick to skirmish.

hmm has any new version been released after C&C General Zero Hour?

Rule of EA games :

Each C&C game has only one expantion

Tiberian sun Expantion TS fire storm

Red alert 2 Expantion RA2 Yuris revenge

Generals expantion Generals Zero Hour

tiberium wars expantion kanes wraith

Ra3 expantion Ra3 Uprising (Releasing 27 march)

RA2 with russia , is there good hamachi active server for ra2?

RA2 Rocks

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Red Alert 1 &2 were great!

Red Alert 3 is just childish… :(


RA3 is not childish it just requires a beast of a computer. playing ra3 on low graphics is similar to watching a great movie on a crappy camera print. it ruins the movie :confused: