Come Farward and Donate the Displaced People of Swat!

As we all know about the Worse Situation in Swat and we aslo know that residents of Swat are Becoming Sandwich between Talibaan And Army....Which is Resulting in Millions of Displaced People who are migrating from Swat to other Cities...! Now we can easily Imagin their problems and Media is also presenting a clear picture about their Difficulties in camping sites! So....My Request is to all Pakistanis to come farward and donate what they can easily donate to those Innocent People...who were living sound and pleasure ful lives with their Families some Months ago...and who did not belong to either side of Fighting!

Assume a family...which had their own home and business in Swat and now they are sleeping in Camps and Trying hard to get some food from the Donation now....! Miserable Condition!

So please step Farward and go to these camps...if possible..and distribute the necessaries of life to those miserable people...wot u can easily afford to donate...!

If U can not go to these camps personlly..then choose a trust worthy and Efficient N.G.O which has a good record in its field...Collect donations from ur friends...go to the office of that N.G.O And deposit ur Donations their.........And soon it will be distributed among the Displaced people of Swat...Which are also Displaced People of pakistan!

Being a Muslim....And Being a Pakistani...we should help them....!

So Dueds! Why are U thinking Still......................Come Farward and Help the Helpless...!

we all are with our brother from swat , and i hope every pakistani will contribute , and will help them

the only beautiful thing we have, is our beloved PAKISTAN

Yes Dude! We Must...!

Please visit this website and forward it to others, if you love your nation.