COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani

Another landmark achievment in the history of PAkistan has been achieved when Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani flew the F16 fighter jet plane and bombed the places where miscreants and terrorists were operating. In the ongoing operation ‘Rah-e-Rast’ which is launched to bring the astray people on the right track (Rah-e-Rast), many Pak Army soldiers have embrassed shadat and it's a morale boosting step from General Kayani.

It's also very significant because in the history Pakistan, never a chief went for such operation.

Dear General I salute you for your bravery and patriotism.

OK here is the source:

Updated at: 1440 PST, Monday, June 15, 2009

BANNU: For the first time in the history of the country, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani flies F-16 and targeted militants’ hideouts. The Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman was also accompanied with COAS.

Later, Air Chief Rao Qamar Suleman see off General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani from operational base.

actually he did not fly .......


I doubt this is true...seems like something that was lost in translation...I don't care who you are you can't just decide to jump into a multi-million dollar jet & throw

well it is partialy true he does co-pilot a f-16 and view the area but he didnot bombed the area waqt news has denied this news after few moments of the main news.

Common man. Atleast if he does co-pilot a f-16 and view the area, then its also significant. Basically some minority gets jealous when they hear such news. Controle your jealousamia.

Just kidding lol.

Now this link clearly defining his role and wrotes that:

Updated at: 1545 PST, Monday, June 15, 2009

SWAT: Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaz Kayani made a historic flight in Pakistan Air Force F-16 jet to symbolically take part in operation Rah-e- Rast.

A wing commander was flying the F-16 carrying army chief. Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman see off General Ashfaq Kayani at an operational base of PAF.

General Kayani is the first Army chief of Pakistan who made F-16 flight.

Yeah Congrats to COAS

dam our Political leader ship ssssooooo Phattuuu can't even go to Swat .

So what do you want that M*****F***'ing Zardari to fly the plane and burn his own ass. Asfhaq Pervez Kayani has always been on positive pole. Even our Air cheif Marshall is also a nice person, when our government says we can't hit drown's he says we can! Man thats the difference between a patriot and political leader.

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So what do you want that M**F’ing Zardari to fly the plane and burn his own ass

man thats insane alot of pakis like you are in a habbit to write bullshit about zardari no matter if his plans are good or bad people like you deserve to be ruled by beheaders and rapers “Talibans” …

first of all i like your nic name. Its really nice. Some people like me really deserve to ruled by Talibans! Not Pakistani fake talibans. We are also human beings! what would you expect from a person who is born abroad and always had dream to visit his homeland Pakistan and when he comes to his homeland he gets elecltric, water, and gas loadshedding, Unsecurity, unlawfullness even when there were no bomb blasts and threat of taliban they were peacfull neighbours of Pakistan. Phew! My dreams were crushed really bad.

And If you are mad that i'm abusing Zardari, then please tell me what are the words of praise for his outstanding performance. This is bullshit! Man almost every Pakistani leader deserves to be abused and hung out in crossings. they should be handed over to people so they can do justice. I think thats enough this is a tech forum! i'm sorry if any of my words hurt you!

Zardari is also fighting the WAR.

Latest news is

He has been very busy with the war in "Command and Conquer" Game on the map is of Pakistan.

He recently went to Russia to learn some new tactics and get Plasma Tanks and YURI.


Please don't make this thread political. When this thread started no one was pointing any thing to Zardari and suddenly such behaviour is being portraid and it's not good, atleast on this thread.


I think you should also have been flown with Mr. Kayani, may be a nice flow of air may removes your dust. lol

If i also sit on a co-pilot seat then will i also become a pilot? It was a F-16 for training which is especially made for training purpose.

2ndly they say he went to view the terrorists hideouts? F-16 is known for its speed. How can he view the area in F-16. For viewing helicopters or some other planes r used. U can cover whole pakistan in few minutes in F-16. So its not possible to view the area in F-16 due to its fast speed.

Conclusion: This act was just to become a hero. There was nothing purposeful in that act.

^Looks logical but lol the pilot may have stopped the F16 in air for showing him the culprits hide outs.

Our media gave him a popularity and in majority's mind he may have become hero. In Pakistan most of us, don't go in details. But you are very much rite.

Imran I read you post about WAPDA, you seemed pretty aggressive about the whole Govt and the authorities.

Sudden positive change in your attitude about the people who control the fate of the country like President, PM, COA is question mark.

My dear friend, ever questioned yourself, by flying over red zone or paying single visit to displaced Pakistanis changes a thing.

Nothing has happened in past years and neither is expected in coming years.

The finance minister Miss. Khar was part of the last government and in her budget speech 2009-10, she continuous blame with her fingers to previous government.

Religion, Patriotism and Politics are part of our life.

Communication, forums, media are the fabrics of society where ideas of public collide for the positiveness of the nation and country.

Question is To what extent Each one of us will let things Go out of our hands.

Think and act sooner.

Allah Pakistan ka Hamid aur Nasir Rahee.


Next News headline:

Gilani and the Navy General take out "a terrorist" by launching a nuke from a Battleship.

Salman Taseer and The Commando General go to Wagah border to throw eggs at the Indian border Patrol without them knowing it.

Dick and Bush !!!!!! Enuff said

Sherry and Shazia battle insurmountable odds as they battle the Taliban in a game of BEYBLADE. The Horror.

Zardari and Umer Sharif, commit overkill on a Taliban commander by making rude and terrible jokes after which The Taliban committed Hara Kiri using his own beard. The UN has registered this a war crime, as the jokes were clearly terrible, and Zardari's smile was tooooo EVIL.

so kayyani saab risked a pilot life and risked an f-16 to fulfill his childhood dream eh? cool.

^ I think the F-16 is designed to carry 2 people also.

@/\ /\/ /\ /\/\

I haven't been agressive to Wapda, any organization or to the Government. If any of my post gives you such impression then dude I want to tell you that this agressiveness is against the sytem or the policies, not the individuals.