CMOS Battery Failure

This is the problem with my friend's computer...He got replaced his mobo for 3 times,again this problem arises....Now the warranty going to end!!!!So what could be the reason for this problem!!!!

Is it due to faulty mobo..???

or is it due to faulty power supply...!!!???

I guess that second option has more probability!!!!

Yes, i also think that there is something wrong with the PSU. BTW did ur friend got the PSU changed as well... if not then, may b replacing the PSU will solve his problem. :)

yes..I have advised him the same..But he doesnt know whether the shopkeeper changed his PSU or not!!!!!

it doesn't matter if the shopkeeper changed the psu or not... go for a branded psu if you want a stable system for a long long time... these chinese ones can fail any moment and they can take away your whole system with them... get a CM 460watts power supply from galaxy

CMOS battery fail means change ur mother board CELL