Choosing a motherboard

my specs are

core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz

xfx 9800gtx 512mb card

3gb ram

i need a motherboard for this pc that is good enough for games and under Rs 8000 or 8000.also tell which support sli .

and is this pc good to play high games like;crysis, cod 5, assassins creed, gta 4, far cry 2 etc and at what specs.

i know gta 4 is lagging and has glitches in pc version and i need to play it at smooth decent settings.

heavy games dont require good mobo

they need good procesor ram and vga

u can get asus p5ql-cm its for abou 8000~

with pcie 2.0 [best for games]

good overclocking

ddr2 1066