China mobile voice changer

hay i hav heard that china hav intoduced some mobile which contain builtin voice changer in it and heard that its work really good so kindle if sum one know about it do inform me


My Brother Just 3 to 4 days ago bought Club16 Dual Sim Mobile For 5800Rs...And Its has the builtin voice changer and its working good...I think its a pak made set or i cant say about it...but set is working fine till now...with 6 months warrenty and as u seen the ad of this Club16 Phone On Tv Too...

Rest Of The Guyrs Will ALso Help You Then Decide...

thanx alot bro but sory i havnt seen any ad of it and is it confirm that there is any voice changer in and is it working coz here there were some nokia mobile head sets and they were nut workin so bro can u update on that...:D:D

take care bye

If its a Pakistan made mobile fone then i think Pakistan is getting more Hi-Tech thats a good news,but waiting for the time when Pakistani products take some good place


Yes Voice Changer Working Fine...But I Will Later Update More About This Set...

thanx bro do u hav any link of this mobile so that i could see it :D

Pls chk this link

thanks alot bro

china can do anything :)

u will find china k bakray also :)

@adnan No problem :)

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u will find china k bakray also :)


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china can do anything :)

u will find china k bakray also :)


but no warrenty… May Be Mr. Bakra Start Barking After 2 Hr… hehehehe

why would you be using a voice changer anyway?

unless you are a billionaire who want to make some deal with a group of ghundaas on fone while trying to keep your identity secret.

no man not to make deals man just to talk to my bacha her parents hav taken her cell away frm her and this is the only way to talk to her just call her mom and tell her iam her frnd she her self will give her cell to her daughter but iam afraid that would it work perfectly or not any way thankx brothers

aah, love birds :D

/me is rendered speechless. :P

HAhahahaah what you think a chinese mobile wiil produce a voice and her mom wont get that. She will start speain chinese with you. Kong - fU ;)

hahhah no man voice changer will convert ma sound into females one so iam gonna tell her that iam her frnd but worried if it suddenly stopped workin and they are my relatives and recognized me than thats why iam conformin it that it work perfectly or not

hav any one used it help me plzzzzzzzz :D:D

i got one yesterday voice changer works very well you can change your voice to 1:womwan 2:old man 3:child or a man

good news for you adnan9909 ;)


which mobile u buy ? the club phone or any other china phone...pls let us know the price and model