I have been cheated by a Chinese mobile phone company. However, no use of crying over spilt milk, a Chinese mobile company which relates it to ecvee and I must tell that I am not defaming any company but all I want is that buyers must beware of those Chinese companies selling mobile phones. They have their website as I send USD 269 to them through WU and they promised me to send genuine Nokia N 96. I did receive N 96 after 10 days through EMS, but it was just a fake copy of N 96 with most of the features disabled. When I asked them to refund my money, they simply refused and started telling me stories that it is EMS mistake and not theirs and now they are unable to take any action upon this! The mobile total worth was 40-50 USD, and they never bothered to keep their word of mouth. So, please I have learned a lesson not to buy anything online, particularly from China.

Well theres nothing wrong with buying something online, as long as you are wary and are aware of the different kinds of scams. A good and simple rule to follow is that you can definitely buy things cheaper online if you look in the right places, however if it seems too good to true, its probably not true!

rule no.1 dont buy from china through online means, when you come across deals that sound too good to be true, then boy they are not true...ur mistake u shudve first researched....i always put in the name of the website i intend to buy from in google thats the only way u can be sure if u dont see a review be doubtful if u see too much of a flowery review at odd places be doubtful!! be suspicious and u can walk this rocky road!!

One of my friend has even imported 10 blackberry PDAs from one of the dealer in China, all sold out with good profit. Now he is planning for more Nokia A copy sets, he had no troubles. and other online trading websites are full of scammers they will give you cheapest rates and will never send you goods my czn in uk ordered 120 cellphones from china worth over 1200 Euros and yes he was scammed ...

many people travel to china to purchase cheap goods from Pakistan its not expensive to travel there for trade ,

few companies in China are very sincire in online trading too like my one friend still order and enjoy free samples from them like :

captain black cigrets , mobile chargers , memory cards , gloves etc etc :D


what exactly would be the cost to travel to china from pakistan? do u have a figure

too bad bro, we are all sorry for u

frauds are everywhere

physical visit to china is the best!!

how stupid do you have to be to expect an original copy? i am sorry but its your ignorance at fault here, not the chinese.

You have to be aware when you buy stuff online.

Always always always do a whois on the website, See when the website was created.. If the website has been working for 5-10 years that gives an indication that this is a legit website..

Always search on google about the website you are ordering stuff from, Read reviews and everything.

If you find a deal which sounds too good to be true, It probably is fake.. I found a PS3 for around 100$ on a website and when i did a whois on the website i found it was only created months ago ! :P

And lastly, Never pay upfront and send cash through bank to a website you are not sure about.

I hope you didnt buy from one of those spamers that put up the huge lists :| ??? Cus that wud be just es-tu-peeed!

I mean seriously ... if something sounds tooooo good to be true, it probably isnt !

hmm...that's sad...


i am amazed that you trusted them blindly

When I buy something from, I buy items that are published by them not their partners.

I'm trying to convince one of my friends who found a new iPhone 3G 8GB unlocked on for $200. He doesn't believe me when I say it's a scam.