Changing the drop wire


So i've been experiencing alot of Unsyncing problems and ive changed my whole internal wiring but the problem is still there. Now i've decided to change the drop wire. Can someone tell me from where i can get a line man to do this for me and how much will he charge for it?


dude logg a complaint and when the line man visits you ask him to change the wire....... ussually line men only serves an area for whole of there career. so only one line men will be responsible for your area. no one can tell you who will be serving in your area unless you know them or any of neighbour knows them.....


u r talkin about telephone line right???? for your DSL?????


Yes im talking about telephone line but not the internal wiring, im talking about the wire which comes from the pole into our house, that black wire.

Plus i've had it with PTCL's customer service, i've been complaining for 3-4 months now about this problem but no response from PTCL. Only once a line man visitied my house and he said my internal wiring was faulty and told me to change it, I changed it but i still have this damn problem. So now the only thing left is to change the drop wire too because i've already tried changing splitter and changing modem and that doesnt help either.


get a hang of line man - go to exchange in morning around 10:00-10:30 -

usually they are at the exchange during that time - complaining to PTCL will do no good believe me

it will cost you around 300 rs of bribe to get it change


And make sure u get the lne man's mobile number, so next time u can bypass the ptcl call center


do a better thin goto exchange and convert ur line to fibre-optic if that is available in your area.... i think it costs around 600 and ull be asked to present the nic of the person on whose name line is. plus ull be asked to fill a form.....

then when the line men visits ur house offer him sum money to change the drop wire too......


first ask can they install dsl on onu line or not


As suggested above, turn your line to fiber/onu if that's not possible then lodge a complaint with 18. Once the line man comes, tell him you want the wire changed, he may tell you wires are not available, ask him where you can get it from and tell him to bring the needed length wire for you, NEW without any joints etc. & of course, he won't do this for free. Had drop wire changed few days ago. I think they get the wire for free. I am not sure. The money or some part of it goes in their pocket. At least the line man here did not ask for any extra payment, he just took the money for total length of wire he brought for me.