Changing Adaptor


as my smart tv's adaptor is damaged so i was thinking to use another the question is would i be able to use 12V 500mA Adaptor that comes with Vfone in place of 12V 1.2A Smart TV's adaptor....would it make any difference r not??? please lemme know.... so i give it a try...i dun wanna c my STB faulty too so askin for help before trying...Thank You!

^^ it wont work f9. u should have atleast 1.2Ampier on 12Volt or else ur Device is not worked properly (it may burn also)

thankxxx...thats y i didnt tried yet...because i was cautious about ampere rating.....500mA & 1.2A ...big difference!

^ more than half of Ampere Difference :/