Change your PC BIOS company?

I have Sony Vaio VGN-CR220E shiped with Phoneix Trusted Core BIOS.

I want to move from Vista to Win XP. Facing too much problem.

While installing XP it asked for SATA drivers. After R&D I found if you disable AHCI option in Bios. It wont ask further.

But my bios have no such option nethier any other option found to disable SATA.

Secondly I have also tried to find out SATA drivers but couldnt find yet.

Can some one help me out in this regard.

So I though why not I move my BIOS to some other Co, to get these options. But cant know the procedure. & other one supports my system or not.

I am not clear on the error you are getting on Win XP installation but you can't change "BIOS to some other company" because it is a chip we are talking about. Although you can upgrade the firmware version of BIOS. Try browsing through the vendor's website and look for BIOS update but TAKE CAUTION IF YOU ARE UPGRADING BIOS and power goes out or computer hangs in middle you can say "ta ta" to your board because then it will be dead forever unless you get the BIOS chip replaced.

In my opinion, look up Microsoft knowledge base with the error number you are getting (or use the exact description of error) to find solution. You may also use Google for help.

Good luck!