Cell phone service blocked in Islamabad?

I using Ufone and Telenor, have full signals but no calls or sms's are going through. Read in today's paper that govt has directed cell phone companies to congest the network to cause trouble for long marchers. Anyone experiencing this problem? This is totally a bad move!

What this govt is up to. :/ F**k u Zardari and company.

Reported here also:



SMS sending is blocked. I can't send SMS using Ufone.

I can still make calls. Dunno how long that will last.

They are saying that companies are order to curtail the service up to 2 days. I am in Rawalpindi using Ufone and i am also unable to send messages but calling is normal.

I don't see the rational in blocking services whatsoever, totally dictatorial. We the citizens pay to use services, even Mushie didnt block cell services, what is this coming too?

Zari is far ahead than Mushi!

We will always get what we want but NOT what we need...... :\

The Long Marchers coordinate by sending smses to eachother.

They dont know how to dial.

zardari doesn't give a damn about the people or the country... he will sell it just to fill his accounts...

long live zardari...long live ppp....awam go to hell :(

I'm using Telenor in Pindi and I can call. As far as SMS is concerned - I can receive (sporadic) some international SMS, but can't send locally (hardly use international SMS)

oh God.how long wil it last guys. . . . ?im fedup of it now

I can receive sms's from outside islamabad / pindi but cant reply, its funny

They are not ashamed of setting this stupid precedent either. Like most of their blunders before this.

I am using Ufone and i can now send/receive sms.

^yeah its over now

hypocrates never ever try to repeat this bullshit again

ya.its over.evrythng is ok now. wht abt dlivry reports of ufone now?

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^yeah its over now

hypocrates never ever try to repeat this bullshit again


If they do,Iftikhar Chaudhry would hang them upside down. So don’t worry about it…