Cell Phone Bluetooth Kit for Car

In Dubai most of the cars have a kit installed in it which is very useful. It is some sort of bluetooth device. Whenever the cell phone is being used in the car, it connects phone with the music system of the car. If phone is used and music system is also being used then music system stops and that device connects phone with the car's speakers, now you do not need to carry phone in your hand and you can comfortably talk with the person on the other side using car's speakers.

What is this device called?

Is it available in Pakistan?

yes it is available in the market.

now theres a chinese usb stereo system with built in bluetooth device worth Rs 5000 My uncle bought it from Saddar karachi .... and if u go for original bluetooth device It cost u around 5000-8000 Rs branded one.

chinese device ka nahi maloom




Thanks dude