Card... which card?

I am planning to buy 9800 GT, is it good or.....

wht about 8800....

compatibility issues

model versions??



i got 8800GTS for a while. never have any problems. most games are compatible with it (well most games have support for nvidia chip so any nvidia card will be good).

9800gt got support for DX 10, its the latest with more support for 1080p video (8800gts plays videos well but 9800gt got more support).

Galaxy is selling 8800gts for 10,500 and 9800 for 11,500. 8800gts got 320 memory but 320 bus speed and 9800gt got 512MB memory but 256 bus speed.

i have searched many forums and many people say that both are same cards but 9800gt is just a little bit more better coz of its added support for blu ray but gaming is same on both cards.

if both cards are being sold at same price i would buy 9800gt but actually its 1000 rupees more and thats a thinker.

some other debates concerning your topic

Well I am aiming for 1GB DDR3.

by the way, which card are you using now.

what about its 8800 GTS loudness. The 9800 GT rewiew says it cons are its voice and heat.

Well the architecture is G92 for 9800 GT.

i am using 8800GTS. its not that loud. my friend got 9600GSO his card is a little louder than mine.

it got a big heat sinker on top of it to prevent it from over heating which brings out a con which is that it takes space of two slots.


honestly if you dont have problem spending money then i think you should go for 9800GT. i mean its the latest of the overall series. but even if you will go for 8800gts you wont regret it coz all the games are gonna be same on both cards. remember 8800GTS's time is up and 9800GT is new card and new cards are always costly.

and 9800GT tend to be hotter. its general temp is higher than normal (like ati 2900xt) so its ok and wont be a problem for you.


man is this a monster?



which two slots occupation you are talking about? which PSU are you using & how much ram you have. Have you tried GTA 4 on that.

one is the original slot Pci-E (where the card goes) and the other one is right under it as you can see in the picture how thick it is. about the psu and ram. i got Cooler master 600W psu and 1.5gb ram. and yes GTA 4 runs smoothly at 1024x768 with higher settings.

Well, Reviews are making my mind to go for HD4850 512Mb, which is equivalent to 9800 GTX+.

Manufacturers for 4850 which I came across are MSI, Force3D and HIS.

8800 GT is more expensive than 9800 GT, except for 8800 GTS 320Mb.

^ok. but 4850 tend to run a little bit hotter and for ATI cards HIS is the best one.