Car tracking

It recetly came to my knowledge even the best car tracking company(I think its trakker) gives the wrong impression that they monitor the veichle by stallite.. I know it sounds silly but I did't know and assumed they monitor it via satellite.

The fact is that they get the GPS signal(one sides) through satellites(free). And they use gsm to transmit locaton and stuff. And I think they use mobilink. The trick is,they call you and veify when you are going to an area with bad gsm coverage.

And wel,if the compnay is a reputeable one like trakker. They can always ask GSM providers to install mobile towers and cover a certain area if the car is stolen and is missing..

I feel they should clearly tell people they use GSM for car tracking. Theives would find out too,but that is no excuse to fool people into the false belief that their car is monitored all over the country..

i guess the gsm and gps jammers are easily available and can jam the car gps until found and removed....

well regardless gps or gsm jammer i think tracking companies should explain to their customer how they are tracking as gps is every where but gsm is limited.

Maybe they are misleading people now but before they used to tell people that they track via GSM. I got a premium package installed in one of my cars and they even gave me a Mobilink number which was the number to call to control my car.

Yeah I used to work for one of these companies and they do use GSM to get in touch with their GPS Chip which is installed in the car, and yes it can be easily disabled by jammers or just simply taken out of your car, so its not really a full-proof way. I would treat it more like a nanny-cam, for my kids to see where they were lol :)