Cant view my hidden files and folders!


when i check the show my hidden files and folders options in tools menu it sets back to hide files and folders



u got a very "kutta" virus

it wont get away easily....


most probably you have the "ravmon" virus

search for ravmon removal tools and you will easily find a cure


yar i have same prob

i have latest nod32 with virus definitions updated regularly

now i have only this problem left all other viruses are gone....


^If you installed an anti virus after being infected, then the anti virus will remove the viruses, but it won't repair the damage done by them. You will have to do it manually.


ok i got the solution of your problem here is a software it will work u it worked for me

its great.........



reinstalling windows wil surely solve the problem....its a virus


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reinstalling windows wil surely solve the problem…its a virus

if you don’t want to reinstall the windows just install a 4.00 or higher version of AcdSee… (emergency case)


Here is a trick which can restore your windows default hidden files settings...

Follow the details, they are a bit tricky but surely works. I did it myself and avoided reinstalling windows.

Be aware that you actually may be infected by a virus, or maybe you once was, and the registry didnt get proberly restored.

You should open the registry, but remember to back it up. You can make a restore point in system restore, or just open the registry and export the whole thing, or export some selected keys.

Start >> Run >> (type) regedit >> (rightclick on the little my computer icon, and export the whole thing.)

find this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced. Go to the rightside of the window, where the values are. Find the value "Hidden" . Rightclick it and modify it to 1.

This next text is from my own registry. Kopy it to notepad, then rename the notepad file, so it have the extension .reg ,and then doubleclick it.:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




























Google a software called 'Mikicun Reg Tweak'. Useful for enabling hidden file view, regedit, cmd, msconfig, Task Manager and a lot more.


yaar if you have to uninstall windows to get rid of this lil f****n virus then what is use of all these antiviruses.Just dont Visit too Much porn sites and have updated avast on your side

Is it Fixed