Cant send text messages , please help

hello good day i have been trying to send messages from my Telenor sim for last 4-5 days but each time i send sms i get error " Meesage not sent , please try again later "

i am using nokia 1110 for messaging, and other setting which i applied but still and contacted their help line too they sent me correct settings with message center number and other settings but i am still getting this error ,

strange thing is which i use the SIM in any other mobile it works fine and when i use another sim in same mobile it sends messages too .

is it some common error or is it only me facing this ?

any help or suggestions will help alot



Maybe your mobile dislikes your SIM :P

dont incease ur post!

contacted them again there were two message sending profiles



i restored factory settings and it began to work like charm :)

Yea this problem happens to my Nokia 6600 very often and i fix it by restoring factory settings.

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dont incease ur post!

Don’t be an ass about it.

I also faced this problem on telenor but luckily now I have shifted to zong through MNP, so no conitnuation of bad experience.

I have experienced the same problem on my ufone sim and I contacted the call center and the person in call center do something and ask me to send message now and then I was bale to send sms