Can't join age of empires server

i used to play age of empires with my dial-up connections with my friend without any problem but now I am facing prblem

could it be because of slow internet connection or some other prblm?

wat server u are trying...? i play aoe:conquers without any problems. you do know that msnzone has been permanently shut down since 2006.

IGZ Works perfectly for me as well. I guess disconnections problems due to Internet cable damage has caused some problem.

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wat server u are trying…? i play aoe:conquers without any problems. you do know that msnzone has been permanently shut down since 2006.

do you play with dial-up?

i am not trying to join msn zone, I am trying to join the server created by my friend in multiplayer option

you and your friend have to forward ports 2300,2400,47624 in this case and just for direct play only 47624 i think. check look for your modem and then look up for the the "Age of Empires" in applications.

as Myelin suggested about which is the most popular community for age of empires series (1500+ gamers anytime of day) but its very complicated. Game ranger is very easy and light application.

but you wont find much gamers there. but its perfect place to play with your friend.

If I use gamerangers than, I dun hav to forward ports?

If I don't use any other website like gameranger to play aoe, instead I go to multiplayer option, then in Internet/TCP connection, create a server and tell my friend the ip, then what would I have to do?

I had been trying da above way but my friend was unable to join, as when he entered the ip I told him, in the games list my server didn't showed up

Please help


there is a chance that you might be able to play at GR without forwarding ports .but in order to play direct (like you are talking about) you have to forward the port.

There is one other possible thing that you can do. check if your modem/router supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). enable it and you wont have to forward any ports at all.

check the forums at igzone even if you dont wanna play there. they have explained very well there about how to play aoe online in every way possible.

yesterday i give it a try on dialup and you can play aoe on Game Ranger without any problems.

I got connected with my friends but immediately after the game started my friend's game closed

I have reported the problem to game ranger support, hope they helps