Can we setup domain in pakistan


can i setup domain in Pakistan from,, yahoo small biz, etc with having credit card? is that cheap way or should i buy domain from Pakistani Web Hosters, although Pakistani Web Hosts are much expensive, which one is good way?

i need some suggestion/guide about to running a domain! money, work, stuff


Sure, you can buy a domain from international registrars with a credit card. I recommend - all of my domains are with them, they're cheap, fast, secure and support has been very helpful on occasion I needed it. [Do I sound like an ad?] I've never used their hosting, so I wouldn't know about that.

Among the local registrars, I've only had experience with and have been fairly satisfied.

I'm sure other people on the forum will also give you suggestions, and they will most likely all be good, so I advise you to take a look at all of them yourself after that. Look at the prices, features, services etc. for the best that suits your requirements.


I use and for my hosting, i prefer, its a part of though, but theres a discount there and i buy my domains from a reseller account I have but I do have a domain with and there haven't been any problems.. If you want a domain and can't pay by CC you can contact me. Its not a problem. You can pay me in Karachi. I'll give you a .com for $12, i get it for $10. Going for .pk is your choice but it costs around Rs. 2500 and takes time to register around a week to 10 days..

Oh and if you want a cheap hosting solution I can offer that too I have a reseller account with one hosting company.. If interested let me know..