Can self purchased usb device/PCMCIA card work with ptcl EVO

Please help me i have recently contacted ptcl csr regarding info for evo device. As far as i know i can either purchase PCMCIA card or usb modem to use EVO.

Ptcl has listed there prices as 4000 & 6000 respectively. However I just browsed for there prices on internet & here they are

Now i dont know much about the technicalities ov whether they are same as the devices sold by ptcl but surely they are way cheaper.

I want to know can i purchase one of these devices to work with EVO?

Also is ptcl offering their device on monthly rent coz the csr said there is no such policy.

Please help me out

The link you have shown is about PCMCIA wireless adapters and they cannot be used in place of EVDO PCMCIA/USB modems. There are different kinds of PCMCIA cards; it could be a sound card, a remote control, a wireless adapter, a broadband modem etc.

I don't think you can find PCMCIA/USB broadband modem devices in the open market which you can use with PTCL EVDO service.