Can be trusted?

Hello again.

Following good advice given to me by the people on this forum, I once again would like to ask a question.

Can be trusted? I am basically looking to sell my Nokia N95 8GB (which I rarely use, its talk time is barely over 13 hrs) which I brought with me from the UK. Could anyone with knowledge shed some light on the trustworthiness of lootmaar? Or if somone could suggest what Pakistani auction website I could use?

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ooops, i think I might have put this in the wrong section of the forum, could one of the mods put it in the right forum.


Should I take it to mean that it can't be trusted if there is no response from you guys?

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Should I take it to mean that it can’t be trusted if there is no response from you guys?

Hehe, maybe! No, wait for someone who has dealt with them! I haven’t sold or bought anything from their site so I wouldn’t know, but I would guess they are alright. How does their seller system work?

I think they have a cash-on-delivery thing which could be safer?

they are absolutaly right because i have listen about them many times..i already trusted with

but do anything at your own risk.

No Idea about Never bought or sold anything through a web.....

u can post ur add at , it is not a austion site but u will get a response form it very quickly , i sold my laptop from that site and on the first day i got more than 5 calls for buying.

ust give it a try and let us know !

or you can post your ad at, which has lot more options than hafeezcentre

I have done bought stuff from i havent sell on them so no idea. But its just like ebay, The site is good, you can trust the website and the people who are running the website but you have to be careful with the people you deal with.

I bought 3 or 4 things from their website, the owner i think his name was Noman im not sure as i bought stuff around 8 months back anyway that guy came to my home in his accord to give me the products and i paid him at my door step.

Its a genuine website.

I haven't sold or bought anything there but i heard about this website in a T.V technology programme so it can be trusted.