Can anyone help me with not opening in Shiro router?

I am using PTCL DSL with the Shiro router. My keeps loading and finally a google result page appears. When i remove the telephone line, it opens easily but it doesn't open when the line is connected. Can anyone guide me through a step-by-step process with complete details as i am not a network geek!!!

Please search for OLD threads on the same topic before posting a new...

anyways you can try resetting the modem ....!

I have seen many earlier posts but couldn't find the proper solution or perhaps i am not getting the info there!! I even posted one similar kind of post and worked on it but couldn't solve the problem. Can someone please start from the scratch and explain me how to solve this??

Restore To Default Modem Setting

Change The Default Modem Password

1000% Working Trick ...

migh be conficker....!

Check your local IP and determine what the modem's actually IP is - sometimes the default subnet is changed to something like or 3.1 or so.

DJ NOMI's Solution :

type this in url :

it will work :)

If nothing works... and you are still under the 12 months contract... call your exchange and ask them to replace the modem... with zte or Huwaee... may be u got lucky...!

my luck came after 2 months of complaint... and now my new zTe works fine.. :D

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DJ NOMI’s Solution :

type this in url :

it will work :)


its https …

but this works on aztech :)

reset your modem then again re-configure your ppoe settings and make sure u also change your admin password of your router because some one can easily enter into your router and can also change settings easily...


i m going to fix it

first of all switch off ur router and switch it on again and wait for a minute when the three lights of the modem become on so follow the following steps

type in address bar and press enter then the following steps

shiro modem setup

1. first login to ur account by typing in username (admin) and password (admin)

2. then go to "advance" and "wan" and "new connection"

go to "advance" and "wan" and "new connection"

1. in the connection name type (quickstart)

2. in option check the firewall

3. in the username type your username that have been given to u by company

4. in the password type your password that have been given to u by company

5. in VPI type (0)

6. in VCI type (103)

7. click submit

8. click connect

9. click Save settings in left panel

10. go to home in left panel and see if it was not connected click on connect .


note:- if not solved reset ur modem or turn ur modem off and on it again and try this process again

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Hazara. Pls enlighten me about Quickstart connection. What it is and why 2nd connection. Thanks.

quick start is the name of ur second connection in which the option of the firewall is activated and the VPI and VCI is also changed in this connection over all u must make two connections from WAN