Can anybody do this in windows XP


hello respected seniors and dear members,

I open a Video song on internet and that song started streaming in adobe flashplayer..

ok as we all know that such videos are downloaded completely in C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp

ok i found that video song in .temp extension say video1.TMP in temp folder but when i copy that song and paste it anywhere ...

WINDOWS GIVE AN ERROR "file is used by another process........"..

and i cant copy that .tmp file to any other location , can anybody has solution for this...

i want to copy that file...



Use Firefox + DownloadHelper extension to get the file while visiting the web site.


If you can't download a specific video with DownloadHelper as Asad mentioned, then you can use Orbit Downloader's firefox plugin (which will be installed along with Orbit) to download most videos. There will appear an "arrow" on top of the flash video, click on it once which will open a small Orbit window, then refresh the video page and play the video. The link should appear (with size of video) in the Orbit window that just opened.

Another thing: If you use firefox, when the video is completely downloaded, go to "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\adfoe7jt.default\Cache" (where adfoe7jt.default will be something else), and sort the files according to their Modification date, copy the last modified file (which should be in MBs), and rename it as "videoname.flv" and use VLC or some other player to play it. If there are multiple files which are greater than 1MB and you don't know which one is required, just drop the files on VLC media player one by one to see which one you want.


to unlock in use files use unlocker its an awsome freeware:

orbit downloader extension grab:


tonnes of thanks you are the man.........