Can any1 tel me latest prices for 1/.75 ton split ac's

does any one has a price list of the one ton (12000 btu) and 0.75 ton (11000) btu acs

available here

has anyone brought one recently, and for how much?



as no 1 has been able to answer my question, i am just putting this information

here for anyone looking for it.

i got the price from the karachi market.

pona ton ac are for 18500

one ton from 21000 to 25000 rs.

also please check this out anybody who is interested in

buying a good ac in pakistan!72197~ForumID!23~pw.html

More information on these company websites:

I bought it on 24-5-2009 Haier AC split 1 ton for Rs 25000.

I just bought a Mitsubisihi Mr. Slim for Rs. 46,000 for home. Hope it works fine. Haven't checked it yet as didn't get installation (bought from makro actually).

Anyways, now I'm looking for professional installers. Have also asked on

Would appreciate any help!


A. Moiz

Moiz, i also got a 1.5 ton Split at Makro in Karachi. To my understanding the A/C needs to be installed by Mitsubishi Installers for the warranty to be in effect. I know it sounds fishy buy Makro provided a number and I ended up calling them and having them install the A/C. They were kind on expensive. They charged Rs 3500 includig the copper tubing and the metal brackets. I also had to buy the electrical cable and none is included for another Rs 500/=. In the end i really did not want to loose my warranty and this was the only reason i used them.

professional installations usually take 1000 - 1200 rs. and that includes the bracket (which cost 300 rs)

the cable will cost you according to how much you will need. i paid a guy near my house 1000 rs (including cable and switch box)

to install the cable and switch box and paid the ac guys 500 rs (bracket excluded).

everything is working fine ,,,so far so good