Can a person earn money through?


really..its great!!!!!


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just tell me

this aint true

just let me believe that i have not read what u just wrote saad!


i have heard cases of people earning 10 thousand dollars from affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing ... wats the concept behind it and how does it work ?


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Is it true that a person can earn money through blogs ? Does it require any type of experience or expertise ? If it is true wat are the procedures to create a blog ?

Just asking coz i read alot things about this blog stuff that it can give u a good earnings


Yes you can…Go to…Or or just google blogging and you would come across a site.

And then google adsense,create an account,place ads on your blog and you can make money.

Its not as easy as it sounds though… You would need to generate a lot of traffic on your blog,a fraction of whom click the ads and you get money. Cheating usually backfires with google. After you reach the 100 Dollars least required for pay off,google cancels your account.

You should goolge this topic you would find a lot of info…


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anyone here with a blog that earns him / her 100$ a month. i just want to visit such a blog managed by some pakistani.

I have a blog,does’t earn 100$/month. And many people visit it… Between 3-20 daily. The blog is on a specific topic and the primary goal of the blog is not to make money. I like it when people visit,surf and benefit from it.

There are many bloggers from Pakistan,you should really use google to find them.


how can a person generate traffic for their blog


^write good unique interesting article submit on social networking sites (like reddit, digg, stumble upon and yahoo buzz up) and if when you have enough good enough articles you will also receive traffic from Search Engines


I have tried to make a blog jus wanted u knw how can i knw abt the traffic if ( theres any )


can anyone guid me how to place the google adsence code in my blog ?


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can anyone guid me how to place the google adsence code in my blog ?

u r usin blogspot so u dont need to enter code for adsense…just go to layout frm dashboard…clik add gadget and then select adsense…u hav to register wid google adsense and thats it google will place ads on ur site after verification of ur account which normally takes 2 days


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can anyone guid me how to place the google adsence code in my blog ?

to start AdSense on blogspot blog. read.

if you are running your own website.

then just go to and signup.

google will guide you onwards what to do to activate and start.

edit: you can use one single AdSense account on either of the sites, your own hosted site or on your blogspot site.


In my opinion you just have to be a good/creative writer, rest is quite easy


Just started a blog maybe 10days ago making progress but wanted help from u guys about how to increase traffic on my website i have read alot of stuff but need advice from pros out there ....

Made 1.90 dollars in these 10days i know its less but im new to this stuff so trying hard


Good going. I have a blog on sms but i have earned 4 dollars after a minth :(


@satan, forget about adsense, make a proper website and get private advertiser, they pay you 30-50% extra than adsense


what do u all think about amazon affiliate programe?

or some other online ad serving websites that cater to pakistani users / bloggers.


anyone here?