"CallTV: Daily Jeeto" Is this for real?

A friend of mine who is going through a tough time (Financially) , gave me this email address:


I think its a scam, but then again I have little knowledge of web marketing.

What do you make of this?

Is this for real?

What should I advise my friend?

Is there a better alternative?

i think they have shows in india only , is he tryin to launch similar tv shows in pakistan ?

Deffury don't dare to try it.If you want to waste your credit then no one can stop you but please keep away from it.That fat head buffalo who is hosting the show is a fraud/cheater.They charge you more than 40RS PKR for a single txt and its for sure he won't entertain you.He is paying ATV for the program and innocent people of Pakistan are calling him on daily basis and in the end they get nothing except a huge deduction from their credit.My few friends and I tried it personally its FAKE.I don't know why these fkheads are allowing him to air this show.


Check the link it has !@#$ Mobile operators names

Thanks dvbox

I had a feeling that it wasn't going to go well.

Hehe you shouldn't trust these mobile operators,they are liers,they usually lie because lying is another marketing tactic :D .Why won't they support this show?Man they are here to earn bucks.They want their customers to recharge and recharge and give them benefit.If GOVT. will leave things on mobile operators they will launch a package like."if you won't use your credit for one day you will be charged 20Rs on the next day" muhahahha

Told my friend about this. He was very disappointed, he said that his father already spent Rs100-200 already, and that he went to ARY office in Karachi. He said that when they called then, the show would cut the call after "Thank for calling us at.....".

Damn these heathens.

May Allah guide us to the right path. Ameen

Thats why I always say these morons have assassinated innocents like you & me .This show should be banned and PEMRA should take action against the tv channels who are hosting it on regular basis.Please look after the interest of Pakistan and Pakistani people,don't loot them man.

thay are fraud

i hav texted correct answers to a couple of their questions, but the reply received tells me that my answer was incorrect.

that's it.

don't know if i can also generate income by buying airtime on television channels. i wonder if it is so simple.

Call them. They always cut aftyer saying " jeeto aur..." hahhahaah !@#$%^&*. We should complain this tv to PTA I guess. the host is so gay he keeps saying " App log phone kyun nahi kert rahai.... aik min rehta hai. jaldi kerai. " SOB... Im feeling like kiking his ass. I already spent 300 on calling this SOB....

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the host is so gay he keeps saying " App log phone kyun nahi kert rahai… aik min rehta hai. jaldi kerai. "

lol :D

and his that one minute never ends in one minute; the idiot keeps on saying it for the next 10-15 mins.

I have made a complain to PTA. :D

^ Actually u should complain to PEMRA. I don't think that PTA can do much abt it.

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lol :D

and his that one minute never ends in one minute; the idiot keeps on saying it for the next 10-15 mins.


Exactly… He is really gay. We should complain to anti-gay society IMO

^ lol at anti-gay society :lol:

Why would PEMRA or the PTA stop this when all major stakeholders of the program are our country's politicians.

We can still sue them if we have some sort of evidence. But the one suing must be a big shot, or there can be no case.