Calling UK and showing UK number

i want to know if there is any technique to call on UK mobile number but the recipient will see UK based number of your call....i mean..your own number will not show up,instead,a uk based number will be seen by reciever.

Ha ha ha, No it is not possible.

^^ Does that qualify as cheating?

once i used that sort of services , but that was around 2 years ago ,

i think they can provide you services.

they will you a free Number of UK and then you can any number in Uk showing the CLI , Your virtual numbers.

other then this.

You can also USE Skype .

skype also provide virtual Numbers . (costly)

you will also get free 10mins for any USA / EU / UK landline number

you want hide your number for achieving some kinda fraud? why would you want to hide your number?

^ I see no other genuine and legal reason to do so. Fooling the call receiver; that's the only objective here.

I've heard, it is possible, you have to install some devices in your system.