Call of Juarez:Bound in Blood

action packed game with a good story and beautiful graphics..ones that liked its 1st part should play that one..its a bit short but worth your time..

Wot s the System Requirement and is it on PC or not.......?

I have dual core e5200 with 2gb DDR2 ram & Gforce 9500.yes it is available on pc.I have downloaded it via torrent from mininova if u r works pretty fine on my pc.I ended it today and it does have a really good ones that like story based FPS must play it.

Thanx Dude!

U r always welcome

I just bought call of juarez 1, and its a very difficult game

I am stuck on the mission, where u have to sneak out of the town

Btw, assisin if u played coj 1 on what settings u played?

I have a 9500gt too

if U r stuck that bad then you should use FAQS from

and i m sorry as i dont really remember the settings i played with as its about an year or more since i played COJ 1.and to tell you Coj 2 is much easier that 1.The only dificult thing in 2 is DUELZ & you have to make your timing rite..

I just ended coj 1 today

It had a nice storyline,

Is coj 2 a continued story of the first one or its completely new storyline

its a prelude to the story of Coj has a much better story and graphics & you will surely enjoy coj2