Call Center Interview Tips

Ok guyz! I tell you what! tomorrow, inshallah! I am walking in for an interview for the job of a call center agent, csr, or what ever. I need all of you to pray for me and also suggest me some tips, tricks, and other techtics for me to be able to do my best.

Thank You in advance....................

dont let him talk.

by asking constant questions!

dress well and speak well!!!!1


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by asking constant questions!

nah dont try to b over smart…

Oversmart? here! I m trying to be normal that is, average smart, and trying like hell. I know quite a few things about outsourcing and stuff, I speak pretty sweetly as well but the problem is that I speak just little less. Just pray, I come up with good productive questions tomorrow, really nervous actually.

If its like a sell product thing then practise. I had a interview in the past and I was succceded. He gave me 80% marks on acent but 50% in language but somehow he passed me !! Yeah he asked something like if we tell you like sell this product to some one on phone so I actually told him to pick up his call and I talked to him :D

He was like wow :D lols and yeah dress well. Dont wear tie or suit wagera just be simple yet sab se alag :D and another tip ! be normal !! Seroiulsly there was a guy with me. He was like damn nervous and was telling me dude I need this job and I was there for fun :D

He failed I passed and next day I told them that I got job in nokia I'm not coming and he even offered me for more money :D

Just be cool dude, there are over 1000 call centre in Pakistan, if you cant make this one here there are plenty of other companies too so there is nothing to loose. Be yourself and be confident. Be prepared for what he can ask and what will be the best answer for that question.

For practice, sell a tooth brush to your mom :P

Hey! Thanks a million folks!

I am expecting at least 50 50 per cent in communications and language recpectively.

Its a contact center of inbound calls.

I will certainly not be waring tie or suit. I will be waring nice sulwar kurta, orange in colour, tiny tops, and dupatta. of course.

I will be normal, at least I will try.

As far as other Call centers are concerned, no, I don't want to try in any other call center but only in this one because this supports Jaws, others' software does not.

Yeah, I am preparing manually for the questions and their possible best answers.

Thanks guyz,

Now, all the best to me.

^ Yeah wear kurta !!! And put some nail polish lol.

Anyways din't get It support jaws ??? :(

^ He dont wanna talk much

^ I think he (Alif) is a girl... :lol:

@Alif Best of luck

Hey! Guess what! I reached the office location before time but, but the boss was I will go on tuesday.....yeah, don't I sound like a girl? And, a lot of practice is on for smart talkings. And, I don't ware nail colour because I am a big nail-biter. No nails and no nail polish..........And one more thing, can I please get some little idea about what will probably be asked or what are the questions which they usually ask in interviews for such posts?


may be it'll help you.

a friend worked in a CallCentere for a few montsh .. he todl about his interview....

they told him if he were good in communcation with clients .. then demonstrate.

the Boss gave him a cigarette and told my friend to Sell it to him by convincing him.

My first who is a chatterbox and a good one at it, started telling 'godo things' of smoking like it releases tension and stuff and somehow convinced him. they gave him the job. with around 12-15k salary i fink.

he works in some bank now though.

Hey! Jin,,,,,,Thanks so much, I know, you got to be a good chatterbox in order to survive in this field.

And thats what I am trying these days, and, also reading telephone doctor's articles which are free....


the best way to become a great chatterbox, and really convincingly-talkative is to hear lotsa FM DJs (FM99, 100, 89, 101) those guys/girls are really speaking machines and such ppl are good at convincing and selling products (in call center's lien of work).

good luck!

Thanks sooooooo much, once again, all the best to me for tomorrow.

Good Luck!

Good Luck