Cable Media Group (CMG) Digital Cable Karachi


^^^^Seems like LCD's fault or they might not have connected HDMI. DWN HD box has best result on HDMI with 1080i on both HD and SD channels but menus look aweful. composite out of their HD box has exactly the same result as you mentioned so next time when you visit make sure they have HDMI connected to LCD and quality set to 1080i from STB's menu.


stupid idiot dwn.. wen a company canot make its own official display the best how would they expect customer to buy fom them?

they had the hd box, with hdmi connected. the ecostar is 720p.

i doubt 1080p would make any difference as broadcast is below 480i dvd itself.


It was a top notch company back in launch days 10 years ago when it used to known as Sun TV. i remember visiting their office where they had installed big projection TV with mouth watering picture quality results :P i used to beg them for connection every 3-4 says when i visit. it was an unexpected costumers turnout and they were short on equepment so they were just taking pre-orders and the best part was the price of their whole equipment just Rs.3000 including stb, antenna, cable and even a danda. ^_^ sad to see how this company was collapsed in just 3-4 years and later on became shitty DWN <_< you see it was LCD's mistake and im sure they had set it to lowest quality on STB probably at 576i thats why you were experiencing that result. one thing you should know most of the SD channnels on DWN are at 576i which is PAL standard (480p is for NTSC) which is meant for regular CRT TVs and it looks brilliant on them. HD channels are at 1080i and they are meant to see at a full 1080p LCD via HDMI and quality set to 1080i on stb. so there are proper ways for everything to get best results and then you decide if you are staisfied with it or not. i've seen and done all the experiments thats why im saying all that.

In the end as you know we sadly dont have much choices here in pakistan so one must get the best out of what we have and try to live a peaceful life. :)


are you actually happy with results from dwn? in the light of previous posts, and compared to the grainy, wavy reception but high contrast and sharpness of picture from local cable, do you recommend the dwn?


I actually dont have DWN now, gave it to my sister, same crappy cable reason, so yea i was happy when i had it. though some channels were extremely poor in quality but still its far better choice than having a crappy cable connection. if one can get a better cable connection which im sure people living in posh areas or people who have access to Nayatel are able to enjoy pure goodness of analog cable. i dont recommend DWN to anyone. but its a matter of choice or there is nothing else left then DWN may be the last thing to go for.


i am doomed :(

dishtv doesnot offer pk chanels. of the 13 chanels on offer by hacking it, they are all news and 1 entertainment.. and main problem, no Geo for family


1 - Does any one know, that full geo can be had on sattelite?

2 - do we need a decoder?

3 - are there monthly charges? or is it free once we get a dish?

4 - is it pure un interrupted digital? is the entire geo network available on it?

5 - can one dish be used for more chanels on the side it would face on geo.?

6 - are other digital pk chanels available on sattelitle dish?

@shauk.. help?


1- Yes

2- Yes for Geo TV, Geo Super, Geo Kahani (Geo News and Geo Tez are free to air)

3- Geo provides decoders to "only" licesed cable operators free of cost and without any monthly charges.

4- Offcorse its pure uninterepted digital transmission. Its satellite my friend the mother of all the TV transmisions. you cant have better than that. its the "main" source for cable operators to get channels from and redistribute them on their cable network. Yes entire network is at one transponder.

5 & 6-

Pakistani channels are available on 3 satellites at different directions hence require 3 dish antennas connected to one reciever. all the pakistani channels are FTA except those 3 Geo channels.

Other 2 satellites are:


Mudder fudder.. :(

there is no God.. :angry: :angry:


^^^Dont be suicidle :P if you really want Geo TV so bad then go for DWN. im sure you wont be disapointed with the quality of atleast Geo TV.


are the rest of the chanels not good? indian reception?


Not sure about other channels.




Anyone using the new digital box ? hows the quality ?


I am using DWN new STB (HD with HDMI option)

As above posts suggested, Its far better than local cable tv. They are offering 82 channels here in Karachi, out of which 2 are HD. Their local cinema channels are the worst. Rest of the SD channels are good including Geo.


^^^Good to know you are happy the quality. Can you plz post the complete channels list?


any one who is using STB from CMG cable operator , please send frequency details. as i have 3rd party STB but unable to search any thing.

you can get the information from STB installation\settings menu.

swift response would be highly appreciated.


Can anyone provide me the latest frequency of cmg and I media using in digital box


Plz provide me the latest frequency of cmg and imedia


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Plz provide me the latest frequency of cmg and imedia


where do u live ?


So finally took the plunge for DWN..:(

the local cable was horrendous.. one hour came and other gone.. it was hell for family...

Dish tv has no PK channels, and the 13 available arent good enough...

so DWN was the only option... called them, ordered HD box, and a year subscription for 14.5k in total... a long "Baans" to fit the antenna cost 300 and 150 for the clamps.. wire was free as much as needed.. so 15k, and we now are booked with DWN

the installer was very well mannered, technical enough, and efficient.. came same day, was helpful in going and buying a long baans for the antenna... you have to provide the fitting aparatus, so if you have a 20 feet pole, you are good to go, nothing else atleast installation was a breeze... all done in an hour.


1st month impressions.

the quality SUCKS.. its worst that those old vcd with camera prints stretched on pc monitor to compensate black bars.. horrible horrible quality... blocky, grains, washed out... for a Digital service charging 500rs per month, , this is very very bad... its bright though...and our tv was Great enough to make those pathetic results watchable... a lesser tv and it would be sucking ass..connected via the hdmi cable that came with the box.

i set it to 1080p, as p should be better suited to lcd than i... no diference in quality , since the original signal is crap.the signal strength is 100%, as we live in a reasonable area within coverage..

The Remote is so ugly, and horrible looking.. Silver??? the HD box looks ok, but again, SILVER???? atleast the remote buttons are well placed and the replacement remote is only 300 rs, so thats a relief..

As shauk said, menus are horrible too.. setting up channel list is a pain in the butt... and behold.. if light goes while watching, the channel list is reset... Faaaak... :angry:

the audio is ok.. loud and clear on majority channels.. most indian channels are from dish tv service, so they have better reception than others...

the HD channel list is now 5 channels.. 3 Star channels, 8x HD and ten sports HD..... the HD channels really look good.. and thats what its basic service should have been.. doesnt take much frequency and bandwidth to enhance quality.... and luckily hd channels make watching it on big tv worthwhile..

The plus side: Channels list is great.. has channels for EVERY taste, and has USB recording which we wont be using , but its there.. a huge variety of sports entertainment and movies drama, all local and indian channels, discovery and Nat geo etc.. the website doesnot have any channels list.. everyone should mail them to provide you the channel list.. its almost 85 channels i think with 5 HD channels.


overall, with such pic quality , paying even 300 is excessive.. but since there is no competition and atleast its on 24 hours with good audio, we are ok with what we paid for.. the 1st year bundle package makes the deal better fo 1 year as it costs now 330 per month instead of 450..