Cable channels reception

I do not have cable connection but my antenna is picking signals of about 15 channels on VHF. While few channel are quite clear, the reception of rest of channels is weak. Is it any easy way to make reception clear? one more question for knowledge. How I am getting reception of cable channels without getting connection (although a cable wire is passing near antenna)?

Get a sattelite Dish!!

Either wait till your parents get the cable or watch the channels which have good reception.

cable is quite cheap, around 200 a month so why dont u get it?

juz connect an additional steel plate with the antenna ...and use a round one and also checks the direction of ur antenna

buy a aerial boaster and enjoy ;) or just cut the cover of the cable wire and see the difference in the result ;)


How much booster will cost and to the what degree it will make reception more clear?

When i did not had cable, there was a time, like at this time, when the cable channels used to come without cable. But after sometime they disappeared for good for lots of months.

IMO: This is a conspiracy by cable operators to advertise the channels, very clever.