C: drive corrupt

Hi guys,

My system's C: drive has been corrupted due to powerfailure. When i start PC it boots and windows loading screen appears but after that system restarts.

Now i've tried to reocver my data in c: using but couldn't and figured out that filesystem has been corrupted which doesn't let me save my data safely. And even windows woludn't also install as boot files are in disk, it asks me to format c: which i'm afraid to do as i'll lose my data. The question is:

How could i recover my windows installation, if its not possible then how could i get back my data, which is really important.

I always take backups but this data was saved on hard recently.

I usually keep Ubuntu Linux CD with me and Ubuntu installed on the computer that I mostly use. If my Windows gets corrupt, I use Ubuntu to back up the data. Ubuntu can boot without installing it, so it isn't even necessary to install it. Once my Hard Drive got corrupt, I tried reinstalling Windows so many times, it didn't fix it, it would keep crashing. Then I used Ubuntu which didn't even crash once while I backed up all my data from the other partition. Then I got a new HDD. Ubuntu CDs are free to order, delivered to your doorstep without any cost.

Which OS are you using?

Press F8. Disable automatic system restart.


I've tried Ubuntu linux without installing direct from cd but it didn't help, i was not able to open any of hard disk drive due to corruption of c(boot drive) , and at the moment i'm using ubuntu.


I'm using windows xp and upgraded it to sp3 .


Tried that but a blue screen apeared saying there is an error and windows has been shutdown.

I've also tried to start system in safe mode but it also did the same afyer loading files it also restarted.

^ And you just shut it down again? :/

Note the error code and files which are causing trouble. They are mentioned there on the blue screen. Or did you thought that the BSOD was just there because Steve Balmer liked the color blue? :rolleyes:

Also, if HDD is truly corrupted and its not merely a driver issue, you could try running chkdsk from Recovery Console by booting off the Windows installation media.

So stupid of me! I think he really liked Blue Color else he could have given green color.

Now i'll note the error code and files and then chkdsk. Thanx.


if chkdsk doesn't help then try restoring it to older state.

if you have restore points of latest working state on your HDD. you can just restore your system back to them using Recovery Console booting from Windows XP CD.

but only if you manage having restore points enabled on C: drive

following guide would be a bit use full using recovery console to restore your windows.


in 7th step before replacing the folders its good to make backups of the originals

you can also repeat this process to find a good restore point.

Problem solved.

I never used recovery console before. I ran the chkdsk c: with /r it scaned and winodws is runnig fine. Thanks for the help 97% asad 3% others :D.

Cheers! Glad you got it working again.

As I once mentioned on my blog, chkdsk is the solution to about 70% of Windows errors/BSODs. Since the time I got a good branded supply, I haven't needed to run chkdsk even once.

For now on i'm using mercury smart 600 pro ups which gives backup time of 20min. Atleast i could shutdown safely.

I had the same problem , I changed the SATA slot to another one it started working again

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I had the same problem , I changed the SATA slot to another one it started working again

chk this . opnce i had the same prob and i simply changed the SATA port and it worked fine !