Buying from ebay via moneybookers

hi as you all might know that ebay added moneybookers as a payment method as moneybookers is gaining alot of popularity in Europe and South America so my question is anyone here tried moneybookers purchase on ebay as its launched on 23 March and i think its fully functional now .

i have read tht you can purchase from ebay by moneybookers without registering at ebay......

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well I didnot buy any thing from ebay but I have used it send payments to USA for some software. Its really good upload fund though credit card and then very easy to send and receive money though moneybookers they also have referring system.

Yeah Bro I have read it over you blog ;) but I was took time to edit and you post the reply ;)



^ brother i am using it for almost 2 years now , i just heared that ebay is not accepting Moneybookers as payment method , thts why i asked that :)