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Hey guys, does amazon ship stuff to Pakistan? There are a few shirts and bags etc that i like so im thinking of ordering them. I was first ordering PS3 games but then it gave me an error that the game cannot be shipped to Pakistan, Then when i selected some shirts and a few other stuff, It asked me for my credit card details and didnt show any error or anything so im guessing amazon doesnt ship electronics to pakistan only stuff like shirts etc?

Has anyone had any experience of ordering from amazon? How much time do they take to ship ?

i have used amazon -- they do ship to pakistan. I've just ordered books and CD's though -- and this too about three years ago! But their service is good, and once a cd got 'lost' in the mail, and they replaced it immediately and sent it via courier too!

Ahan, And how much time did it take to ship?

and also is there any custom duty or any type of tax paid to pakistan govt for electronic item from amazon can any 1 tell me


I dont think you can order electronics, I tried adding a few games for PS3 in my basket and when i went to the check out those games were marked and the error was that these cannot be shipped to the country you mentioned.. They have some sort of restrictions there.

any other realiable online shoping website out of pakistan which offer electronic shoping and also if any 1 have buying expreiance of electronic and also taxes etc for products

Well, as soon as you make the payment by credit card, and as soon as the product is available, they ship it to you --- i can't quite remember but i think it took about 3 - 4 weeks. There are other types of shipping, of course, but that is costly.