Buying a PSP - Please advise


I plan on buying a PSP today, I dont want the slim model Ill be looking for the FAT model,

I will be buying a used PSP...

I'll be using it to play homebrew or downloaded games.

SO what are the things I should look out for? like what should i check in the PSP to make sure its ok


I owned every single console.PSP is just like PS2 but change in features.PSP has a menu and UMD media.It can be connected to Computer(PC) with a USB CABLE.

For PSP u must look after these things.

1:PSP lens it must be working.

2:PSP body should not be scratched,but if u like u can buy for less price.

3:PSP must have M-33 update which must allow GAME PLAYING IN MEMORY CARD after copying it in memory stick BE CAREFUL AND DO CHECK THIS.

4:PSP WLAN must be working.

5:last thing is PSP must be in GOOD HEALTH CONDITION.